About Henna

Henna body art is the practice of laying on the skin a paste made from the henna leaves in intricate patterns on the skin. The paste is left to dry and remains on the skin  and then scraped off, leaving an orange stain that darkens to a final black cherry or coffee colored stain in about 24 hours. The best stains are achieved on the hands and feet, other areas such as the belly, back and chest will stain a lighter color. With frequent moisturizing with a natural oil like olive oil, the henna stain can last up to 2 weeks. Henna is different from tattooing in that there is no invasion of the skin with pigment with a needle, it is similar to frosting a cake, and is painless and quite relaxing. 

Maria uses fresh, natural paste that she personally makes for each client, rather than premade, chemical filled henna cones. She insists on only the best henna for her clients to achieve optimal results. In addition, Maria has years of extensive experience with henna and carries full liablity insurance, for your peace of mind.

About Maria

Maria O'Connor has a diverse educational and artistic background. She has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and has extensive knowledge of herbs in regards to their medicinal, cosmetic, and aromatheraputic uses. With a keen interest in body modification and adornment she began learning about henna and its traditional significance to the various cultures in which it appears. Through trial and error she began doing henna on friends then doing small local events, holistic fairs and parties. Over 17 years later Maria and her body art business is still going strong, providing beautiful henna art all over New England and beyond. Maria is a published author in issue 11 of Fuse Magazine about henna and its applications in bellydance. Her latest achievements include teaching her Harquus 101 makeup class at NEATS Bellydance Camp and also at the 2016 and 2017 Henna Gathering.

Notable Clients

Some of Maria's past clients include:

  • Origins Skincare
  • Boston Magazine
  • Boch Automotive Group
  • WAAF radio personality Mistress Carrie

Take a look at this article from the Daily News:  Page 1  Page 2


Photos this page by Heather Peckham Emerson of Dreamers Realm Photography.

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